Banking in London

Jonathan Pesota

Banking in London 

When studying abroad in London, I completed an internship with the Islington and City Credit Union. By completing this internship I got a great hands on experience and really got to see how credit unions worked inside and out. I did not just concentrate in one division or area, I was able to expand my horizons and touch on every aspect of the credit union. Some tasks I completed throughout the internship included: working with members accounts, conducting marketing research, attending monthly board meetings, attending court hearings, and promoting loan sales based on my research. I can truly say it was a great experience and I learned the foundations of the banking system as a whole.

Other students take on internships with larger banks to get a big name on their resume and under their belt. This too is a great experience, but it is focused on one aspect or division of the bank. It is tough for undergraduate students to know exactly what they want to do and what they would like to take up. I urge students to broaden their horizons and try everything before trying to narrow options down and choose a career. For students in finance, economics, or any student that is somewhat interested in banking or business, I highly recommend an internship with a credit union.

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