One of the best things that will come from your time in Madrid is the deep level of appreciation you grow for community. With the whole city (over 5 million I may add) rooting for the most celebrated soccer team, Real Madrid, how can you not join in on the fun with your fellow peers?

Nonetheless, the pace of Madrid is relaxed, easy-going, and peaceful leaving you a ton of room to settle into the city. If sports aren’t your thing, don’t worry! From trying out tapas, going on wine tours, trying your feet at Flamenco dancing, or taking a day trip to Toledo you won’t run out of places to see!

In a place like Madrid, it’s almost impossible to get bored. While the sun is out, you can find everyone who’s anyone walking down Gran Via marveling over the architecture. When the sun sets, you can feel the pulse of the city cheering forthe  Real Madrid futbol team. (futbol = soccer, but you knew that already!)


EPA works to ensure the high quality of our program and the day-to-day safety of our participants. This is why we take special care to have a low student to staff ratio which allows our staff to answer questions, stay updated with our student’s acclimation process, and provide guidance at all turns.

The Madrid Program Director, Rocio Bartolomé Rodriguez, is dedicated to ensuring the safety and academic progress of our students as they prepare and triumph in their abroad travels.

Please visit our ‘Key People’ page to learn about the backgrounds and commitment of all of our dedicated staff members.


In your free time, there are a ton of different things to explore in Madrid. So much so, to say “you’re bored” will be heavily looked down upon!

  • Soak in the cultural infusion at El Rastro Market. Dating back to the 15th century, the architecture is unmatched.
  • Enjoy a relaxing afternoon floating in a kayak around the Casa de Campo
  • Grab a seat and people-watch at the Plaza Mayor


Language Spanish, Intermediate, B2 Level
Internship Areas Politics, International Relations, Business, Marketing, Communications, Arts, & More
Academics Nebrija University
Housing Home Stays or Flats
Terms Fall, Spring
Application Deadlines
  • Fall – March 1
  • Spring – October 1
  • Summer – No Session
Dates and Fees Click Here


Here’s the chance to put your Spanish skills to work! Students take classes in Spanish and are placed in professional work environments where they are required to speak, read, and write in the language. Non-native speakers must have a B2 skill level or higher on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFRL). The first few weeks of the term are devoted to intensive language courses to improve students’ language skills.


In Madrid, there are a few options for your desired living situation. From talking with our past interns, year over year the top option never changes – home-stays. These home-stays are an opportunity to be welcomed into a native family with open arms. Your homestay comes equipped with a bedroom and a home-cooked meal most days. Need to practice your Spanish? No problem. Missing a home-cooked meal? Just head to your new home!

Other students can choose to live in a flat! They come equipped with a kitchen to help you cut down on costs (like eating out every day!), a living room to decompress from the day, and a bathroom.


EPA students are able to make use of the full campus facilities at Nebrija University. In addition, they can get to know their classmates by participating in activities arranged for international students – or by joining one of the many student societies and clubs.


A passport is an official identity and travel document issued by the U.S federal government allowing you the opportunity to travel internationally. (It’s a must-have!) You can apply for your passport at any time, but it must be valid for 6 months after your time abroad.

To apply, go to local US Post Office or County Clerk’s Office in your area. Call ahead to find out if there are any regulations or fees specific to your area. The processing of a passport application can take 12 weeks or more. If you don’t already have one, Apply Now!


A visa is official permission, granted by the authorities of a country where you will study or visit, which allows you to enter and remain in that country for period of time. To study in the Spain a student visa is required. This visa cannot be applied for until 90 days before the start of the program.

For more information:
Click Here

Internships and Classes in Madrid

Orientation | Academics | Internships |


Who would we be if we didn’t offer you some guidance before you started exploring? Within the first few days of your arrival, there will be a main orientation for students detailing all aspects of your life overseas.

We’ll provide details on cultural and social activities, need-to-knows about academics and internships, guide you to your housing/lodging situations, prepare you for local transportation and health/safety precautions, and allow you to connect with the other students!


In Madrid students attend Nebrija University’s Hispanic Studies Program. The first few weeks are devoted to intensive Spanish classes. Students’ proficiency level in Spanish determines the classes that they take.

Students who are fluent in Spanish can take integrated classes with the native speakers.

INTERNSHIPS (Academic Work Placements)


No summer session is offered in Madrid. Students interested in interning during the summer may wish to consider interning in Brussels or London.


The price of the program includes tuition and housing, internship placement and oversight, pre-departure and visa application materials, comprehensive on-site orientation, welcome and farewell dinners, on-site student support, and on-site program management. Grade reports and supervisor evaluations are also sent to schools upon completion of the term.

You’ll want to budget for the cost of academic credit, air travel ($1000+), visa fees (Semester $500+), meals, and commuting. These costs are NOT INCLUDED in the program fees. Most students budget $200-$300 per week for expenses depending on their lifestyle and the value of the US Dollar.

For more information on the exact fees for individuals paying directly, click here.


EPA offers programs in Madrid during the fall and spring terms. For more information on the exact dates, click here.

  • Fall (Mid-August until Mid-December)
  • Spring (January until Mid-May)


Some students finance portions of their semester abroad through scholarships and grants. Check with your university for specific opportunities. You might even want to consider a GoFundMe campaign.

We listed a few opportunities below to help you get started!

Madrid Details

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