Internships and Classes in Bonn/Cologne


The main orientation for all students takes place during the first few days the program. Orientation includes informational, cultural, and social activities to acquaint students with each other and with life and business culture in Germany. All aspects of the program are covered in detail during these meetings. Internships and classes begin after orientation.


(Unpaid, Academic Work-Placements)

Bonn and Cologne offer a wide range of internships with cultural and business organizations for students with strong German skills. All students work at their internships for at least 20 hours per week. We are always expanding our offerings, and we pride ourselves on our personalized approach.

Business Internships

Placements are available in many areas of business including administration, sales and marketing, computer programming, and insurance as well as a variety of banks and financial institutions.

Health and Social Sciences Internships

Psychology and psychiatric internship opportunities exist in a wide range of psychiatric and social services institutions, hospitals and clinics in Bonn and Cologne. Client groups include battered women, families, children, and adolescents in therapy, the elderly, substance abusers, and refugees.

Medical Research Internships

Hands-on experience in research laboratories at universities or teaching hospitals.

Museum, Theater and Arts Administration Internships

Museum internships offer extraordinary opportunities to work as research, curatorial, and administrative interns. They are open to students of all backgrounds and majors. The range of available art specialties is very wide, including modern, women, sacred and medieval, Roman, Germanic and applied art, anthropology, archaeology, and photography. A detailed knowledge or specific interest in a particular field should be noted in a cover letter to the application. Students work as assistants and participate in all aspects of planning, administration, production, and publicity.

Politics/International Relations Internships

Placements are available in local political offices and international NGO’s.

Public Relations Internships

Exciting international advertising openings are available in a Bonn advertising agency. Placements are also available in public relations.

Semester Classes

The program in Germany is the only one of EPA’s programs where the classes are not held at a local university. Participants cannot be directly enrolled at the local universities due to the fact that the academic calendar at German universities does not match that of the American semester system. However, all of the professors teaching the EPA courses hold teaching or research posts at German universities or equivalent institutions

Politics in Reunited Germany

This course is an introduction to German politics, with a special emphasis on the political parties and the party system and on the issues of German unity. Other topics include comparative politics with comparisons to the political systems of the United States and other countries.

German Arts and Culture

This course is designed to give students an introduction to the art of the period, relating it to the music and literature of the era. The course will provide an over-view of the  important examples of German literature; reading, analyzing and discussing the texts in German will be an essential part of this course, as are the field trips.

View this student’s discoveries about Bonn. (The AIB, Bridget O’Carroll, 2015)

Summer Session

During the summer session, Bonn and Cologne students work full-time at their internships and do not take any classes.

German Programs

Cost of Attending

The price of the program includes tuition and housing, internship placement and oversight, pre-departure and visa application materials, comprehensive on-site orientation, welcome and farewell dinners, on-site student support, and on-site program management. Grade reports and supervisor evaluations are also sent to schools upon completion of the term.

You’ll want to budget for the cost of academic credit, air travel ($1000+), visa fees (Semester $500+), meals, and commuting. These costs are NOT INCLUDED in the program fees. Most students budget $200-$300 per week for expenses depending on their lifestyle and the value of the US Dollar.

For more information on the exact fees for individuals paying directly, click here.


EPA offers programs in Bonn/Cologne during the fall, spring, and summer terms. For more information on the exact dates, click here.

  • Fall (Mid-August until Mid-December)
  • Spring (January until Mid-May)
  • Summer (Mid-May until Mid-July)


Some students finance portions of their semester abroad through scholarships and grants. Check with your university for specific opportunities. You might even want to consider a GoFundMe campaign.

We listed a few opportunities below to help you get started!