Study Abroad in Madrid

Madrid — Spanish City that Never Sleeps

Madrid Work Experience

Madrid bursts with energy, from its rich musical traditions to its late-night bar and restaurant culture. This is a capital city that takes its leisure time seriously!

The "Madrileños", as the locals are known, are a warm, gregarious people who can be seen packing out the traditional cafés and chocolaterías, and enjoying the city's parks and fountains. But that's not all there is to it.

On top of this, Madrid is a vibrant place to work. Spain is now one of the most dynamic members of the European Union and Madrid is a thriving political and commercial center.

Madrid and my EPA internship taught me that home is a state of mind. It is something that we can carry with us to the furthest reaches of the globe. It is a frame of mind that grounds us and allows us to truly take full advantage of our travels, for once we feel at home anywhere in the world, we can embrace everyone as neighbors.

— Jessica Wilhelm, Northern Illinois University, Madrid

Study Abroad in Madrid

If you wish to explore the diverse culture of Spain while studying then Madrid is a city that can certainly satisfy your inquisitive and adventurous side. Madrid is the home to Real Madrid, the most celebrated soccer team as well as a great food, fashion, art, music and architecture. Select the academic program that suits your needs and study abroad in Madrid. Madrid courses provide formal coursework that involve studies outside the classroom so initiative and discipline will be rewarded with responsibility and success.

Internships in Madrid

Madrid is an exciting 24 hour city centre of business in Europe. While studying you can unlock the potential of numerous opportunities by undertaking internships in Madrid. In addition to the cultural and educational activities, our internship programs help eager students to advance their proficiency in a multitude of areas by gaining real industry experience.


The EPA Internships in Europe program in Madrid requires at least two years of college level Spanish or the equivalent. Students take classes in Spanish and are placed in professional work environments where they are required to work, speak, read, write and perform in the language.

Living in Madrid

Although the population is close to five million, the heart of Madrid, where the pace of life is relaxed, remains very compact. EPA students soon find their professional and social niche in this pleasant and easy-going city.


Students can either live in a Spanish homestay or in shared apartments.