Study Courses & Internships in Bonn, Cologne

Bonn/Cologne Courses & Internships

Bonn and Cologne are the settings for a wide range of non-political internships. Midway through the program, Bonn students travel to Berlin for a special academic and cultural seminar.

Study in Cologne

Cologne is recognised for it's excellent transpost links to the rest of Central Europe, it's strong media industry and favourable economy. The beautiful city located beside the Rhine river can be your new home to an exciting lifestyle and rewarding career. Study in Cologne because the city offers a variety of internships and career opportunities for highly motivated and enthusiastic students.

Study in Bonn

Bonn has a wealth of political history and is unofficial second capital to Berlin with a title of Federal City. Bonn is well established as the meeting point for international affairs of European countries, United Nations etc, and has a thriving private sector. Bonn also acts as the centre for academic and cultural seminars in Germany. Surrounded by traditional towns and villages Bonn is a friendly area where expatriates are warmly welcomed. So if you study in Bonn you can benefit from all these influencial factors.

To get details for applying for a DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service) please click here, stipend after you have been accepted for the program.


Politics in Reunited Germany (Bonn)

An introduction to German politics, with special emphasis on the political parties and the party systems and on the issues of German unity. Other topics include comparative politics with comparisons to the political systems of the United States and other countries.

Arts and Culture in its Historical Context

This course is designed to give students an introduction to the art of the period, relating it to the music and literature of the era. The course will provide an over-view of the most important examples of German literature; reading, analyzing and discussing the texts in German will be an essential part of this course, as are the field trips.

German Language (Bonn)

A basic review language class. (Not credit-bearing.)


(Unpaid, Academic Work Placements)

Museum and Arts Administration
BONN ONLY. Museum internships offer extraordinary opportunities to work as research, curatorial and administrative interns. They are open to students of all backgrounds and majors. The range of available art specialties is very wide, including modern, women's, sacred and medieval, Roman, Germanic and applied art, anthropology, archaeology, and photography. A detailed knowledge or specific interest in a particular field should be noted in a cover letter to the application. Placements are also available in theater companies and with orchestras. Students work as assistants and participate in all aspects of planning, administration, production and publicity.
Health and Social Sciences
BONN ONLY. Psychology and psychiatric internship opportunities exist in a wide range of psychiatric and social services institutions, hospitals and clinics in Bonn and Cologne. Client groups include battered women, families, children, and adolescents in therapy, the elderly, substance abusers and refugees.
Medical Research
BONN ONLY. Hands-on experience in research laboratories or teaching hospitals.
Law Firms
BONN ONLY. An excellent opportunity to acquire a detailed knowledge of the German legal system through placement in a major corporate law firm; taxation, mergers and acquisitions, anti-trust and EU law, competition and labor law, environmental, banking and media law.
BONN ONLY. Placements are available in many areas of business including administration, sales and marketing, computer programming and insurance.
BONN ONLY. Education majors can act as teaching assistants in German schools or at a vocational college in Bonn. There could also be placements arranged in kindergardens. Students should note their age range and subject area preferences on their application.
COLOGNE ONLY. The city of Cologne is known for its thriving cultural life. Placements are available in small theaters where students are exposed to a wide range of theatrical work.
IT & Computer Programming
Opportunities exist for students to work in IT and computer programming placements in Bonn and Cologne.
Advertising & Public Relations
BONN ONLY. Exciting international advertising openings are available in a Bonn advertising agency. Placements are also available in public relations.
BONN ONLY. Politics placements are still available in Bonn for those students who would prefer to base themselves there and learn about municipal government in Germany. These include, for example, the Bonn Mayor?s office where students have the opportunity to take part in official functions and activities in the city. A placement also exists at the official municipal office for the equal treatment of women in Germany.
Banking & Finance
BONN ONLY. Placements are available in a variety of banks and financial institutions.
Music Management
Interns work with the management of the Beethoven Orchestra Bonn under Roman Kofman.
Nature Conservation
Internships are offered with the Federal Agency for Environmental Protection.
Radio Journalism
There is the opportunity to intern with Uniradio Bonn, a student-run radio station.