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Why should you Study in Berlin?

EPA brings the best opportunities to gain first hand work experience in innovative and leading companies in Berlin. Internships Berlin are geared towards providing you with a true taste of your chosen career. Study in Berlin where you'll get to enjoy a temperate climate, top flight football, history, arts and culture in abundance. Berlin today is a high tech city offering a strong platform for you to upgrade your skills and knowledge through internships Berlin.

Berlin has a population of over three million and is the seat of the German Federal Government.

If your image of Berlin is that of post World War 2 devastation, you're in for a big surprise. This city is forward-thinking, fast-moving and has an abundant youthful, energetic population.

Having been almost completely rebuilt as a twenty-first century metropolis, Berlin is a melting pot of all that is new and exciting in the arts, music, design, architecture and commerce.

To get details for applying for a DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service) please click here, stipend after you have been accepted for the program.


Politics in Reunited Germany

This course is an introduction to German politics, with a special emphasis on the political parties and the party system and on the issues of German unity. Other topics include comparative politics with comparisons to the political systems of the United States and other countries.

European Integration and Co-operation: The European Union

This course is an introduction to European politics, centering on the processes of European co-operation and integration, with special reference to the European Community and European Union.


(Unpaid, Academic Work Placements)

Placements are available in offices of members of the Bundestag, the Federal Parliament of Germany. Interns conduct research, do translations, attend plenary sessions, committee and party meetings, and deal with correspondence and press work. Placements are also available in party headquarters. Politics interns do not need to be political science majors, but should have a background in German politics and good written and spoken skills in German.