Study Courses & Internships in Brussels

Internships (Unpaid, Academic Work Placements)

Brussels Vesalius College

As the European Union continues to grow in power both economically and politically, there has never been a better time for students of politics, international relations, business and law to work and study in the "Capital of Europe".

European Parliament students may work in the English-speaking offices of MEPs from the United Kingdom or Ireland or in the offices of MEPs from any of the other EU countries (language proficiency and MEP-availability permitting). Interns in all other areas may request English or French-speaking placements, or a mixture of the two. Students normally work the equivalent of 3 days a week.


Students are enrolled for their courses at Vesalius College, the undergraduate English-language division of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB). The campus is located just 20 minutes from the European Parliament headquarters.


The first week of the program is devoted to orientation. During this week, social activities are held to acquaint students with each other and with Brussels. All aspects of the program are covered in detail during orientation and particular emphasis is given to familiarizing students with the major European institutions.

French skills are tested at the beginning of the orientation period for students interested in taking French courses; a non-credit multi-level French language course is provided for those who register.


Brussels students take courses at Vesalius College, the undergraduate English-language division of the Vrije Universiteit Brussels (VUB). The campus is located 20 minutes from the European Parliament. Students have access to all the facilities of the Vrije Universiteit including the library and computer resources. European Parliament interns also have access to the European Parliament library.

There is some variation of course offerings between the fall and spring semesters. To check a specific term's offerings and to obtain course descriptions, please consult the Vesalius College website.


(Unpaid, Academic Work Placements)

  • The European Parliament
  • NGOs and Pressure Groups
  • Public Affairs and Lobby Groups
  • Research Institutions and Think Tanks
Non-Profit Organizations
  • Peace and Conflict Resolution organizations
  • Humanitarian Aid organizations
  • Health-related organizations
Media (French language skills required)
  • Public Relations
  • Advertising