Study Abroad in Brussels

Brussels — The Political Heart of Europe

Brussels Work Experience

Brussels is the principal center of the European Parliament and the European Commission. It is also home to the political arm of NATO and the corporate headquarters of many multinational firms. Students have the chance to work at the very center of European decision-making.

But Brussels isn't just about politics. Its museums and architecture are considered among the finest in Europe and EPA offers excellent internship opportunities in museums and galleries, media and publishing, law, NGOs, marketing and public relations, business and banking, and representations of foreign governments.

I couldn't help thinking that I wanted to stay there forever.

— Linda Dempah, Wesleyan University, Internship, Brussels

Live and Study Abroad in Brussels

Brussels Accommodation

The city has an efficient metro system that makes commuting easy, but many people prefer to walk — particularly in the well-preserved medieval center. Being a truly multicultural city, you'll find every type of restaurant here, and what's more, it's a great base for traveling to all parts of Europe. Study abroad in Brussels as the city has exceptionally gifted academics offering interactive lessons and personal attention to those who are keen to learn.


Accommodation is secured for students by the Brussels program director before their arrival. Students live in shared studio apartments (combined bedroom and living quarters for 2 EPA students) or in rented sections of family homes (private bedrooms) where bathroom and/or kitchen facilities may be shared with other students or the owners.

Internships in Brussels

Brussels is an inspiring place for enthusiastic students to be. Here you can enrol in all major areas of study with highly beneficial internships in Brussels that enrich and compliment your qualifications to get ahead in the job market.

This study abroad adventure has undoubtedly been more rewarding and challenging than I ever could have anticipated. I navigated my way through European freedom, completed a Communications internship with an International Organization, attended meetings in the European Parliament, traveled to at least 7 different countries, and wrote articles for an NGO's global newsletter.

— Gillian Budd, Furman University, Brussels